services corporate, larger not for profit and VC-backed growth companies. As appropriate, on behalf of these, it pulls in and coordinates leading talents from industry and academia. delivers research, training, and business development services. It helps organisations agree goals and the resources and values to apply to these. It helps with mergers, acquisitions, innovation and deal flow. It mitigates risk with due diligence and maximises returns with actions based upon insightful research and planning. is run by Steve Lowe, who has masters degrees in business and computing and experience in academic policy analysis, international consultancy and corporate finance, and is on the international expert forecasting panel at


Changes coming

By mid 2016,, .org and .net, will be reassigned to support the concept’s revised purpose. will support a new, not for profit discussion site. This will then build slowly over several months. will remain the portal into related outreach projects. will then represent what does now: a network of independent consultants servicing commercial clients.

All three sites will be overhauled prior to Christmas 2016.

If you would like to know more, please use the contact form.

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The future is not just over the horizon

It is also unfolding and being shaped around you

Established and novel techniques can be applied as appropriate to enhance futures awareness; improve resilience; foster innovation, increase profitability; mitigate risk; improve environmental, social and governance performance, and boost shareholder value.

Where projects involve assisting with sales presentations, bids and fund raising, can help clients realise positive, measurable results in a little as a few days. The future now unfolding results in part from whatever actions you now take.